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Improve business performance through process innovation and information technology


Over 30 years making significant improvements in business results through strategy, process design, information technology and education.

Our team has roots in the Big 4 Accounting and Consulting world. Many have had leadership roles driving change from within Fortune 500 businesses, some are recovering CIO's, everyone has led large scale programs and worked with a wide variety of ERP applications.

Enabling Your Business

What we offer


Business Strategy

We are experienced at translating the hopes and aspirations you have for your business into implementable strategies. We help your organization understand the implications of the strategy, plan its implementation and get the work done.


Product Management

Creating new products and taking them to market. We've helped firms capture new opportunities in software products, services and equipment. We worked in market to discover unmet needs, crafted new offerings and worked with sales organizations during the commercialization process.


Information Technology Strategy

There are many moving parts to information technology within a business. We help you ensure IT is aligned to support business goals. There are tough decisions, like the mix of internal versus externally provided services. In today's complex world, most organizations simply can't afford to do it all themselves.


Process and System Implementation

Adapting to new processes and systems is tough. We help you ensure the program is a coordinated effort, well planned to deliver value. After all, you can't expect better results if you don't do something different.


Temporary CIO Services

Many small businesses simply need someone with the background and experience to get them started down the right path. We bring experience helping large and small business formulate their approach to information technology. Let us help you get started.


What we have created

Smith Optics

International Sports Brand:

We provided interim CIO services to this designer and manufacturer of ski goggles, helmets and sun glasses. Quickly organized the development team, aligned projects and brought operations under control. Supported the selection of a new e-commerce platform. Re-structured their managed services contract and established Service Levels and a well defined process for measuring provider performance.

Trus Joist

North American based manufacturing company

This manufacturer wanted to upgrade their financial and inventory management systems. We helped understand the implications of their decision and turn this into an initiative that increased capacity by 30%.


Printed circuit board manufacturing company

Our experience includes organizing a series of 26 projects into a well coordinated program that decreased manufacturing cycle times by 75% and eliminated late customer shipments.


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